Creative Placement Services (P) Ltd. remains to be knowledgeable about the crisis thus encouraging the aspirants to opt for foreign employment to ensure respectable wages and resolve the problem of unemployment of the’ country. We are proud to announce that our consummate dealings have remained unsurpassed with a considerable number of workers in a foreign land sent by us attaining the purpose.

                    Creative Placement Services (P) Ltd. is such a company that has never compromised on quality and valued This could be one of the several reasons for the success o the .company since its establishment in 2002 With competent staers, the Creative Placement Services(P) Ltd. remains to be vigilant to ensure quality service without looking back to keep intact the already earned recognition and credibility. Would it be unreasonable to reiterate that the Creative Placement Services
(P) Ltd. does not compromise on quality? We hope not because we have already established as the trend setter of sincerity and integrity by sending competent, professional and hardworking labor force abroad.
Finally, let us take the opportunity to say that we do not make any haste to send the workers abroad. We, very honestly, encourage them to undergo trainings and orientation classes before ying overseas for jobs.


With the rapid increase in unemployment problem and political instability dogging the country, the trend of flying overseas for employment seems to be an obligation these days especially to the Nepalese youths.”